Portrait of a Winemaker - Celebrating Wynns Black Label Cabernet Sauvignon 60th Vintage Release.

Founded in 1891, Wynns, home of Australia's first and finest Cabernet Sauvignon, has been capturing award winning, world leading wines, in...well, barrels.

To celebrate Wynns 60th Black Label Cabernet Sauvignon Release, we thought it only fitting to have a barrel capture the people behind the wine, the stark beauty of the Coonawarra region from which the wine is crafted and the passion that flows into every drop. And so, with time, patience and the expertise of renowned photographer, Simon Harsent, a wine barrel was hand crafted into a camera to capture exactly that, the terroir, and the very spirit of those behind the brand. This sentiment is echoed by Wynns Chief Winemaker Sue Hodder, who believes that "Winemaking at Wynns is a creative privilege, as we are inspired by the future and the past."

From this collaboration and celebration, we now proudly release, the product of collective patience and perseverance, a tribute to one of Australia's finest drops and those behind it - Portrait of a Winemaker.