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Wynnsday 2017

Each year on Wynnsday, the first Wednesday of August, we release our latest offering of wines. And in 2017, we have a fantastic line-up that reflects the best of two classic Coonawarra vintages – 2014 and 2015.


Michael Shiraz is Wynns Coonawarra Estate's best-of-vintage Shiraz and named after David Wynns young son. This wine is a legend of the Australian wine story, with good examples of the 1955 Michael offering an outstanding experience. The wine is made in small quantities and only exceptional vintages.


Each vintage we select a premium parcel from a single vineyard to bottle that displays the hallmarks of that vintage - this Wynnsday it is Johnson's. Planted in 1954, Johnson's Block is the oldest surviving Cabernet Sauvignon vineyard in Coonawarra. 2014 was a great season for this historic vineyard and it is fitting that we acknowledge it as our single vineyard release.


V&A Lane is a long, straight road that dissects Coonawarra's famous Terra Rossa strip at its midpoint. Surveyed in 1851, the lane divides the original electorates of Victoria and Albert, and the area is celebrated for exceptional Cabernet Sauvignon and Shiraz Wines.


The Cabernet vineyards from V&A Lane have been important contributors to Wynns for many years. However, this area is also gaining a reputation for great Shiraz and a marriage of the two varieties is a part of Wynns history, going back to its earliest blends.


The 1954 vintage was the first Australian labelled Cabernet Sauvignon. Wynns heritage vineyards in the heart of the Terra Rossa strip enable classic, fine and age worthy wines to provide a unique testimony to the quality of Coonawarra Cabernet.


Wynns Black Label Shiraz is a superb example of Coonawarra's cool climate style. Displaying great fruit character, this wine has rich and complex flavours of red berries, spice and chocolate with layered fruit underpinned by tightly-focused tannins.

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Wynns Roundtable Productions

Those who know Cabernet know Wynns. It’s an intimate circle of friends who appreciate great wine and the craft that goes into it. They’re art lovers, fine dining enthusiasts and wanderlusters. And we’re passionate about capturing their conversations on film. Introducing our latest content series, ‘Wynns Roundtable Productions’

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