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Sue Hodder's Cellaring Tips

Sue Hodder

Wynns’ Senior Winemaker since 1998 – Sue Hodder - has worked across 23 Wynns vintages, knowing first hand the importance of cellaring your wine well.   

If cellared well, matured wines can showcase the Wynns Coonawarra Estate at their absolute best.  

Every year, Wynns Coonawarra showcases outstanding yet contrasting Coonawarra vintages, highlighting the best of Wynns classic Cabernet and Shiraz.  

Sue shares her top five cellaring tips to ensure you get the most enjoyment from your cellared wines. 

1. Choose wine that you always enjoy  
This seems self-explanatory, but always start with a wine that you enjoy drinking in the first place. Don’t have hope that poor wines will be completely transformed from being stowed away in the cellar.

2. Know what vintages age well
Select wines from good vintages and labels, which have a track record of ageing well. Some wines are in fact best enjoyed now and not cellared at all. The tasting notes of a wine will often tell you this information.

3. Store horizontally 
Store your wine horizontally, especially if it’s under cork. Storing horizontally helps keep cork plump and tight in the bottle, preventing the cork from drying out and splitting when you open your wine.

4. Control the temperature
A consistent temperature is important to prevent your wine from spoiling. Wine should certainly be stored under 21 degrees to avoid long term negative effect or spoiling. 12 degrees is the optimum storage temperature for red wine. 

5. Avoid vibrations
Keep your wine away from heavy foot traffic or vibrations. Make sure you’re not storing your wine next to the washing machine or next to stairs. 

What other cellaring tips for your Wynns Coonawarra treasures do you live by?