Single Vineyard

Throughout Coonawarra's history, cuttings from Wynns vineyards have been in high demand around Australia, due to their provenance. Wynns holds some of Australia's most important Cabernet vineyards, and this is acknowledged and reflected through our single vineyard wines: a special wine released each year, made from (and named after) the top performing vineyard on the estate. Wynns released the first single vineyard wine in 2004 with the Wynns Harold Cabernet 2001 as this was recognised as being a stand-out vineyard. 2014 marked the tenth single vineyard wine release with the Alex 88 Cabernet Sauvignon 2010. It is a great privilege for the winemakers to choose the wine for the next release, while reflecting on the season which has allowed that vineyard to shine. As the collection grows, we gain powerful understanding from these vineyards. The single vineyard wines are some of the most anticipated by lovers of wine, poised to savour the next chapter in the Wynns single vineyard story.