Wynns 59th Vintage Wynnsdays most anticipated release

Wynnsday's Most Anticipated Release

The crown of our 2016 release wines is our Black Label Cabernet Sauvignon 2014. Here’s our senior winemaker Sue introducing Guillaume to this year’s most eagerly awaited Wynns release.

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Wynns 59th Vintage the story behind the label

Story Behind the Label

Ever wondered how our iconic label came into being? Sue Hodder explains to Chef Guillaume Brahimi the history behind the Gables logo.

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Wynns 59th Vintage Wynns introduces cabernet

Wynns Introduces Cabernet to Australia

When was Cabernet Sauvignon introduced to Australia and by whom? (Hint: there’s a 90% chance you’re already a fan of their wine.)

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Wynns 59th Vintage Guillaume takes on terroir image

Guillaume's Take on Terrior

Chef Guillaume Brahimi is passionate about making the most of local produce. So how does that apply to vineyards? Here he unpacks the idea of terroir with our Senior Winemaker Sue Hodder.

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Wynns 59th Vintage how Guillaume surprises his friends

How Guillaume Surprises his Friends

Chef Guillaume Brahimi loves a good joke. He also loves a great glass of wine. So what happens when he plays a prank on his French friends with Aussie wine?

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Wynns 59th Vintage for the love of cheese image

For the Love of Cheese

While Guillaume and Sue share a glass of 59th vintage Black Label Cabernet Sauvignon, the topic turns to a big issue – cheese. Have your Wynns and cheeseboard ready. Things are about to get delicious.

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Wynns 59th Vintage inspirations from the 1960s

Inspirations from the 60s

The Sixties were a formative time for both the world and Wynns Cabernet. Find out what inspiration our Senior Winemaker Sue Hodder draws from the decade and how that influences the wine she makes today. 

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Wynns 59th Vintage secret to aging our wines

The Art of Cooperage

What goes into making great fruit into great wine? Senior Winemaker Sue Hodder discusses with Chef Guillaume Brahimi the importance of French oak barrels to Wynns.

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Wynns 59th Vintage this years single vineyard

This Year's Single Vineyard

Once a year, our winemakers select a vineyard which shows off the best of our terra rossa soil and the extraordinary possibilities of our cool climate. This year’s Single Vineyard release is the Harold 2013, last chosen in 2001.

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