This Year's Single Vineyard

Each year’s Single Vineyard release is an opportunity for our winemakers to innovate and experiment with our terra rossa soil’s beautiful fruit. We choose a unique parcel from a Wynns Coonawarra Estate vineyard and create a one-off wine that our senior winemaker Sue Hodder says highlights, “Something distinctive from a given year. Reflects the terroir.

This year’s release of the Harold 2013 is particularly anticipated, since it hasn’t been a Single Vineyard selection since 2001. Winemaker Sarah Pidgeon describes how, “When we first started making Single Vineyard wines in 2001, Harold was the first one that we made. So it’s got a place in some people’s affection because it kicked off the project that has become one of the most collectable ranges within Wynns.”

But what is it about the Harold terroir that makes it so special? According to Sue, 

“We like the elegance of the wine. They’re never big wines. And Harold’s only about 13% alcohol… A very classic style, not a big blockbuster wine. Very elegant and age-worthy.”  

As one of our lovely, older vineyards, Harold’s vines have great layers and depth to them. There’s, “…a particular dark coffee and spice kind of note that I think you get from the Harold vineyards. I think that’s distinctive in it”, says Sarah.

“And the 2001 Harold’s still drinking beautifully,” mentions Sue. 

“It just all comes together. And great with so many different types of food. Or it doesn’t even need to be with food. And that’s the hallmark of a good wine.”


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