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The Legend Continues

Today Wynns Coonawarra Estate is the region's pre-eminent wine producer and largest single vineyard holder with the best and longest established vineyard sites in Coonawarra. Its wines are regarded as benchmarks for the district; lauded for both their quality and flavour.

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Our People

“I’m proud of the responsibility I have for maintaining the quality of a range that represents Coonawarra as a region as much as it represents Wynns Coonawarra Estate – it relates to being a custodian of a great winemaking tradition.” Sue Hodder, Senior Winemaker.

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Our Home

At Wynns, our winemaking style is a testament to the heritage of our vineyards in Coonawarra. Coonawarra’s international reputation comes from regionally-specific terra rossa soil. Perched on a low limestone dune 600 000 years old, Coonawarra’s terra rossa is a narrow, 20 kilometre strip that boasts some of the most sought-after vineyard soil in Australia. The unique combination of this rich, red soil and a cool, southerly climate is optimal for growing intensely-flavoured grapes. Our underlying winemaking philosophy is to make classic and varietal wines that reflect vintage and wines of distinct, regional character.

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Our Heritage

Since the first vineyards were planted in 1891 by visionary Scottish pioneer John Riddoch, Wynns Coonawarra estate has steadily built its reputation as the Coonawarra region’s pre-eminent wine producer. with the longest-established vineyards in the region, Wynns’ history is deeply intertwined with that of Coonawarra. over the past two decades the vineyards have been meticulously rejuvenated resulting in wines that capture the true essence of the region – varietal character with finesse. Discover the history of Wynns, from the 1860’s, to now.

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